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Amazon FBA: Take Your Online Business To The Next Level

Amazon FBA: Take Your Online Business To The Next Level Inc. is a technology-based multinational company with headquarters located in Seattle, Washinton, Virginia, and Arlington. has commercial and artificial intelligence, digital streaming, and cloud computing as its focuses. It is one of the biggest tech companies, together with Facebook, Apple, and Google.

Formerly known as Cadabra, Inc., Jeff Bezos founded it in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, United States. You can get almost just anything you want from the site. This fact is a significant point of pride for the company.

Do you know that started from the garage of the founder? Do you also know that Amazon’s warehouses are so large that its square footage is more than 700 Madison Square Gardens? Its warehouse can hold more water than about 10,000 Olympic standard pools. rakes in about 10% of the e-commerce of North America, while Office Depot, Apple, Walmart, Staples, Sears, Dell, and Liberty all another 10 percent, and other retailers share 80%., as a major e-commerce platform, offers a wide variety of amazing products. It is not just an excellent place for buyers. It is also open for sellers. provides a unique sales service for sellers known as Amazon FBA.

What is Amazon FBA?

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Amazon FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. It is a platform provided by Amazon to help sellers grow their businesses. Fulfillment by Amazon offers various beneficial options to sellers, such as storage, packaging, and also shipping assistance to subscribed sellers.

These services help reduce the burden on the seller and allow them to be more flexible in selling their products. With Amazon FBA, the seller can move their products to an Amazon fulfillment center where the product will be stored in their warehouse until sold.

When there is a demand for the product, the employees of Amazon will be in charge of preparing, packaging and shipping the product(s). With this program, the seller can leverage the benefit and resources that are available with Amazon.

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA.

With the Fulfillment by Amazon program, sellers can always enjoy the following benefits.

1. Having The Amazon Brand Associated With Your Product

Amazon is a renowned brand worldwide, and its products are associated with quality. Having the brand name attached to your products can increase your patronage.

2. Cheaper Shipping Fee

Sellers can take advantage of the great relationship between Amazon and various shipping companies. It will attract a price reduction compared to when the seller does direct shipping.

3. Shipping Standard

Amazon handles all the FBA product shipping the same way it treats its products. A seller who subscribes to Fulfillment by Amazon can upload a product on his website. When the order is made, they can use the services of FBA to carry out the shipping.

4. Amazon Prime Audience

Products that are subscribed to Fulfillment by Amazon enjoy Prime benefits. These products are also displayed with the Amazon Prime logo. It helps increase the customer base with customers who look out for the free shipping services and those looking for products with the prime badge.

5. Wide-range of Channel Fulfilment

Amazon can handle shipments services and records of transactions from different channels, not limited to their marketplace.

How Much Does FBA Cost?

Amazon has different financial charges for the Fulfillment by Amazon program. The various charges include;

1. Standard Seller Fees

Amazon takes about 15% and possibly some hidden costs for refunds from the price of a product sold as the seller’s fee. This charge also depends on the product.

2. Fulfillment Fee

This fee is charged per unit and also depending on the size of the product.

3. Inventory Storage Fees

Amazon also charges monthly for storage per cubic foot of inventory. This fee also depends on the size of the product. There are also fees for product units stored in a fulfillment center for a long time, like over a year.

4. International Shipping Fee

Amazon also offers the opportunity for global export. Sellers can send their inventory to any part of the world. Global exports also come at different price ranges. It also depends on the time of delivery speed.

Can You Make Money from FBA?

You can make money from Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA, selling your product to customers within the United States and all over the world just got easier. You can even be a seller from the comfort of your home. It is one of the reasons why mothers are killing it on Amazon FBA.

You must do your homework thoroughly before setting out to sell on Amazon. You can also take some Amazon seller training courses, which would help you build your selling skills. Picking the right product is also very important to your success as a seller on Amazon.

How to Sell on Amazon FBA

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To start selling on Fulfillment by Amazon, follow the following simple steps.

1. Set Up Fulfillment by Amazon:

Get a selling account and also add Fulfillment by Amazon to your account.

2. Create Your List Of Products:

Decide on the product(s) you want to sell and add them to the Amazon catalog singly or in bulk.

3. Get Your Products Ready:

Orders for your product can come from within or outside the country. Therefore, get them ready for transportation to the customer. Amazon can also help you with the supplies you need to get them prepared for e-commerce.

4. Move Your Products To Amazon:

After getting your products ready, move them to an Amazon fulfillment center. You can use the services of a suitable discounted Partner carrier. Amazon also offers some guides that can be of help to you.

5. Amazon Makes Fulfillment As Orders From Customers:

Products duly registered with the FBA program enjoy the Prime benefit. The products are delivered fast and free, and all customers can enjoy this free shipping on eligible products. Customers can also track their orders through Amazon.

6. Customer Support:

Amazon also provides customer support for your product. They handle customer inquiries, all returns, and refunds.

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